What are the benefits for your business? 

Boland Law partners with you to function as your (outsourced) internal legal department. We will be with you in your organisation for as long as you need. This model provides a depth of understanding of your business that cannot be matched by the traditional outside law firm model. 
Your own onsite lawyer who knows your business and your industry can not only offer consistent and solution focused legal advice on issues but is also uniquely placed to identify and rectify possible concerns before they become a problem. 

Some of the other key benefits of having us on your team are: 

An understanding of the operational and systems challenges faced by businesses 
Problem solving and enabling – our experience is of working within businesses and because of this we have an understanding of the operational and systems challenges you face. Boland Law’s approach is to partner with you to come up with solutions and enable your company to pursue its business opportunities while minimising your legal risk. We know that people in organisations trying to get things done often feel lawyers prefer identifying problems rather than solutions. This is not the approach we take. 
Knowledge of your business – we partner with you and work onsite to fully understand your business while building relationships with your team. A traditional outside law firm simply cannot understand the nuanced details and relationships of your business to the same degree. 
Risk & Efficiency – our knowledge of your business and the relationships we build with your team means that Boland Law can offer tailored on-point advice and provide strategic input for your business. We are able to anticipate, identify and resolve legal issues before they become a material distraction or threat to your business. 


An ally for your business – the ease of access to us means that we can answer quick questions that you would never think to ring a law firm to ask. This easy access also means that you can involve us at an early stage in strategic planning which will avoid delays and additional cost at crucial later stages and lead to strategies that are well vetted before they are ever implemented. 
Cost savings – Boland Law’s broad expertise on corporate, commercial, financial and regulatory matters can ultimately bring increased efficiency and cost-savings for your ambitious and growing business. If you do need to use the services of an external law firm, we are very experienced in managing legal service providers and ensuring that your business gets the right advice at the right price. 
Reassuring key stakeholders and investors - it is crucial for businesses to assure shareholders, customers and financial institutions that investing in your business is a wise and safe decision. They will be reassured to see that you have an experienced inhouse lawyer as an integral part of your business. Increasingly, commercially-aware lawyers can be found sitting on the board of companies and contributing to thought processes and considerations for key strategic decisions. 
Issue specific training – as your inhouse legal department, we are uniquely well placed to identify when your team needs legal training on specific issues. Well trained teams reduce a business’s day-to-day legal risk which is so important in reducing potential exposure to litigation or regulatory sanction. 
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